I am a  fully insured and licensed fishing guide in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania  specializing in smallmouth casting trips on the Youghiogheny River using artificial baits.  My primary focus is to educate my clients on the most effective tactics used to catch and safely release smallmouth bass and other game species we may encounter during our trip.  I know how and where to put you on fish, but in the end it's your trip and I'll do my best to accommodate your requests.  


 I offer both full day (6 hour) and half day (4 hour) trips for Smallies, Walleye and Trout on the Bottom Yough River for 1 or 2 clients in an 18' Inboard Jet powered  RiverPro .  We will glide over the river bottom in only inches of water riding 200 horses at speeds up to 45 mph.  This type of fishing allows my clients to cover up to 20 miles of river in a full day trip although this is usually not necessary.  While fishing, the Yough's strong current is tamed by a 112 pound thrust Minn Kota Terrova trolling motor remotely controlled by a handheld (iPilot) remote.  Fish from the spacious bow while I position the boat from the back deck.  All trips are strictly CATCH AND RELEASE.  Clients will fish artificial lures.  My Clients use Fenwick Elite Tech and St. Croix Legend Series  fishing rods, Pfleuger Patriarch spinning reels and Abu Garcia Revo Baitcasting Reels.  It is important to know that if only 1 client is aboard on a trip, I WILL fish with the client until an effective pattern is established.  The Client will always fish through a spot first, while I throw a different style bait behind the client.  If 2 clients are on board there is no need for me to fish as the clients will throw 2 different style baits until the preferred bait is revealed.

I also offer non-angling tours of the river any time of the year on any section from Connellsville to McKeesport.  Fall foliage tours are a great way to see the changing of the leaves while spring tours are a great way to see the hillsides turn purple as the Redbuds bloom.  Winter tours on a warm day are a great way to see rock outcrops and coke ovens that are normally not visible from April through October. 


The RiverPro is an 18' long inboard jet boat with large elevated decks for casting.   If you're wary of the decks, the main floor is comfortable to fish from as well.  RiverPros are made one boat at a time in a small facility near St. Louis, Missouri by Kevin Turner, a man who knows shallow river smallie fishing.  I have taken this boat through every stretch of the bottom Yough from South Connellsville to West Newton at the lowest of water levels and it has never let me down.  Only for a short period in late October/ Early November will I shy away from certain runs as the river is clogged with leaves that will render any jet boat powerless.


  RiverPro LoPro 186DCC

   All Welded Aluminum Hull

   Bottom Thickness .190

   Beam 89"

   Fuel Capacity - 27 gallons

   Dry Weight 1500#

    HD Bottom Skid Plate (Another layer of .190 Aluminum)

    Removable rear storage seat box (for 2-3 client trips)  





I will provide the Boat, PFD(s), Rods, Reels and Lures.  A cooler with ice will be provided for your own drinks and lunch. 

The client(s) Must bring the following items:

·       A valid Pennsylvania Fishing License

Purchase online here... http://fishandboat.com/license.htm

·       Food and Drinks for a day on the water

·       A desire to learn

    ·       Patience and Understanding when the bite goes cold (I'm a guide.. not a God)

I highly recommend bringing the following items to make your day more comfortable:

    ·       Hat - wide brims are best, but at least a ball hat that will keep the sun out of your eyes.

·       Polarized Sunglasses

    ·       Sun Scarf - These look goofy but will save your neck and ears if you like ball hats.

·       Sunscreen

    ·       Wading Boots / Waders  (if you want to wade some water too shallow to drift)

·       Rain Gear 

·       Camera  


To arrange a trip all you have to do is call or email.  Let me know what you're looking for and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Michael Schiffbauer

Email - sotyjetguide@gmail.com

Phone - 724-366-5792


Our Guides get you on the Fish 




Spring - March through May

Spring starts with the smallies still in their winter holes.  The air has warmed, but the water may still be in the upper 30's to lower 40's.  At this time, winter tactics will still work.  Quantity of fish will be very low, but only the larger fish are eating.  When you get a bite, you can expect a big fish to be at the end of your line.  As the water warms, the fish break free from their winter holes in search of food before spawning.  We will concentrate on current breaks as the river levels are high from winter thaw and spring rains.  High numbers of fish and a variety of sizes can be caught from a relatively small number of spots at this time of year.

Summer - June through August

As the bass  recover from the spawn and the river drops towards summer levels, the fish will spread out, but will be actively feeding.  This is the time of year to cover lots of ground.  Both size and numbers can be expected when conditions are right.  Once river levels hit summer lows and the water clears the fishing will get tough.  Feeding activity can be sporadic but fish can be caught.  Expect average numbers with less big fish.  This is the time of year to Jet wade.  If the client is willing, we will use the boat to shuttle us from spot to spot where the most effective method is to get into the water and sneak up on the fish from downstream.

Fall - September through Mid November

This is my favorite time of the year for many reasons.  Yes, I like pumpkin rolls and spiced coffee, but more importantly this is BIG FISH season.  The fall starts with low clear water and sporadic fishing while the bass are in transition towards their wintering holes, but the falling water temps are a signal to the fish to put on the feed bag.  This is absolutely the best, most consistent fishing of the year.  October-November cold fronts can produce outstanding fishing. Fortunately, as the Yough Lake turns over, it's outflow provides an extended period of warmer water temps to the river where free flowing rivers drop rather quickly in temperature.  Another reason this is my favorite time of the year is because we will basically have the river to ourselves, except for a handful of other diehard anglers.  No kayaks, No canoes... just us, The River and a lot of hungry fish trying to put on weight for winter.

Late Fall / Early Winter - Mid November to Late December

As the temps drop into the 40's the water will turn to "Big Fish Green".  When this happens the bite will slow down, but when you feel a tap at the end of the line, set the hook hard because a small tap will still be a good fish!  During this time the smaller bass basically go into hibernation and only the larger fish will feed out of necessity.  They will move into the deeper eddies where they need to expend very little energy.  I really enjoy the solitude of winter fishing.  When work gets you down a few hours on the river without mobile service is just the ticket.  Numbers of fish are usually low.  You may fish all day for only a few bites, but if you can make them count the reward will be worth it.

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