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412 Bait Company
Small Jaw
412 Small Jaw Craw

412 Craw Jaw Craw
Simply put, the 412 small Jaw Craw is by far the best small plastic craw I've used.
It's soft and durable and comes in many colors that you can match up with your local forage. The colors that work best for my area are the Smallies on the Yough Pumpkin, Illusion, River Raider, and Watermelon Red. You can rig it in several ways, including a Ned rig, trailers, and, of course, on a single ball head jig. My favorite way to rig this bait is to use it on a trailer on a skirted jig.
I have been using this bait for about six years. It's produced a smallmouth bass of five pounds. If you need a smaller craw bait, I recommend this craw every time. It's the only one that I use.

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