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Frogg Toggs
Hellbender Chest Waders

 I have used about 10 different kinds of breathable chest waders and they all have one thing in common: every single one has leaked, whether they cost $50 or even $500. However, some took a lot longer to leak before others.

I wade on average 140 days a year, so I can truthfully say that I put them to the test. The Frogg Togg Hellbender chest waders run about $100, and, to me, are definitely the best bang for the buck. They usually last me 2 years, on average.  They are comfortable, light, and durable enough for the cost. If you have a $200 dollar budget to spend on waders I’d just suggest buying two of these, one for a backup, rather than wasting money on a $200 pair. ~Guide Pete Cartwright

Frogg Toggs
Pete Cartwright
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