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Allegheny River

 Pete has been fishing the  Youghiogheny River  for the past 35 years learning every riffle, eddy and current seam from Connellsville to McKeesport. Averaging 150 days on the water for the last 15 years he knows the river well. Along with his knowledge of the Youghiogheny river he has also been fishing the Allegheny River and it's tributaries for the last 32 years in search of bronze. Fishing the free flowing section of the Allegheny from Kinzua to East Brady. Being a year round fisherman he is out in all seasons searching for the best areas to catch smallmouth. He has wade experience catching smallies in over 42 rivers and streams in Pennsylvania. 

He has fished some of the top smallmouth waters in the country including the Mississippi River in Minnesota, Lake St Clair in Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, James River in Virginia, Niagara River in New York, and the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. He has also fished other waters all over the country catching Largemouth in Arizona on the Salt River, California on Castaic Lake, Florida on Lake Okeechobee, Texas in the Colorado River. He has also fished for Steelhead in Pennsylvania and Ohio on Lake Erie Tributaries, Salmon in New York on Lake Ontario Tributaries, Muskie in Michigan on Lake St Clair, Catfish in Tennessee on Norris Lake, and Ontario Canada for Pike.

 Pete has been teaching people how, when, and where to fish for as long as he has been fishing. He has won awards from Berkley Big Fish, In-Fisherman Master Angler, and has been in fishing articles from Bass Angler, In-Fisherman MagazinePittsburgh Tribune ReviewPA Angler and Boater Magazine and North American Fisherman speaking on techniques and lures to use on smallmouth bass in Pennsylvania rivers. He has also helped to develop custom baits and colors like the popular 412ube and the SOTY and Illusion color from 412Bait Company

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Niagara River
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My First Fish
My First Fish

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Shenango River
Shenango River

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My First Fish
My First Fish

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Niagara River 20 in 4.8 lbs
Niagara River 20 in 4.8 lbs

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St Clair
St Clair

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Lake Erie
Lake Erie

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Niagara River 20 in 4.8 lbs
Niagara River 20 in 4.8 lbs

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Monthly fishing reports from NW PA


Favorite smallmouth bass waters in NW Pennsylvania


Fish the Allegheny, Pennsylvania's other Smallmouth River

In-Fisherman July/Aug 2020


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Wading for smallmouth in small streams


Trout fishing below dams remains good into summer

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Oil Creek Water Trail

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Don't overlook these Pennsylvania Trout Streams

Berkley Big Fish

Elite Angler


Wading for Smallmouth Bass

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Real Winter Smallmouth Fishing

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Remembering special Smallmouth Bass

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Do nothing Catch More

Fishing in the winter can be very reward

Winter River Smallmouth Bass with Pete Cartwright

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Soft Plastics for winter


Fall Smallmouth Feature


Smallie Terror


What Yough looking at?

By Christopher Smith

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Creek Fishing
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