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412 Bait Company


 I have been fishing with tubes for river smallmouth for over ten years, and, in my experience, the tube is one of the most consistent way to catch bass.

The 412ube is perfect for river smallmouth because the size mimics the many crayfish that swim in river environments. It is also extremely durable. Despite repeatedly being tossed in the rocks they hold up as well or better than any comparable tube. The versatility of the 412ube allows me to use it in all river situations, whether shallow, deep, fast, or slow, and they even work well in Great Lakes fishing. I have fished Lake St Clair and Lake Erie many times and caught my personal best, a 6.10 lb beast of a bass on a 412ube Illusion. They come in a wide array of colors, including two that I helped design: the SOTY and Illusion. . If you’re fishing for smallmouth bass, do yourself a favor: tie one on. ~Wade Guide Pete Cartwright

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