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Rapala Xrap
Pete Cartwright

Smallies on X-Raps

 The Rapala X-raps have got to be one of the most versatile baits on the market for smallmouth bass.  They produce, sometimes under very tough conditions when other very good baits lose their effectiveness.

Stained waters of spring, low clear waters of summer, green water of late fall… I always have a box full of them on the boat.  I’m not a color guy, so I stick to my few basic colors, but I do like the variety that Rapala offers in body style and lip design.  From Shad to minnow profiles, Shallow to deep runners.. they’ve got it all.  You want to make some noise?  They’ve got that covered as well.. at a price that makes owning an assortment do-able.

If you’re not already fishing jerkbaits, do yourself a favor and start out with a small assortment of natural color X-Raps in a few different styles.  If you’re impatient like me, hire a guide that can teach you how to effectively fish them and enjoy the violent underwater strikes that jerkbaits can provide.  Jerk it, Rip it, Twitch it, whatever it takes the X-Rap can do it. ~ Captain Mike Schiffbauer

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