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Rude Tube

 The Scared Fishless 2.5-inch Rude Tube is a great bait to use in rivers and streams. I use the Rude Tube when the bite gets tough. You can use this bait any time of year, but my favorite is in the cold-water period of 50 degrees and below. From mid-fall thru mid-spring the Rude Tube can shine in cold, clear water. This tube is just the right size for those hard-to-get smallies. You can use them in pressured fishing waters, clear water, cold water, and for finicky bass, or summer, when the water is low and clear the Rude Tube will produce big bass. Last fall while fishing on a favorite part of the river I landed two smallies back-to-back over 20 inches on this tube. The durability is also great you can catch many fish before it is done. The added scent is a great way to get more bites. Give the Rude Tube a try when the bite is tough.~ Wade Guide Pete Cartwright

Scared Fishless
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