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I have been using the NRX 872S JWR  for 3 years now. This rod is very expensive and I use it for finesse fishing only, which most of the time is in very cold water. Although it is light as a feather, it has the backbone to bring in big smallmouth in a current, and one of my favorite things about it is that you can throw very light lures with it well. At 7’3” the length gives you the leverage that you need when fighting big smallmouth in heavy current, which is where that backbone works for you. I use this model to finesse very small baits in rivers and streams. These factors make this rod great to use jigs in the river throwing hair, plastic, and other small baits. If you fish from fall until early spring and you are throwing light lures you can get the most out of them by using this rod because most of the time in the winter you are targeting bigger fish and this rod can handle them. The NRX is a very expensive fishing rod and it is not for everyone but if you like fishing in colder weather with small baits and you are out there you will want this rod when you hook into that monster. ~Guide Pete Cartwright

G loomis NRX rod
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