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Original Floating
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As a teenager I began to target moving water for the added challenge, and one of my main lures was the original Rapala Floating #7 minnow. This is a versatile bait that you can use as a top-water bait, or by simply casting it out and reeling it back in using different stop-and-go pauses.

I like to use this bait is in the summer on mid to small streams. It can be very effective during the hottest days early and late day also on cloudy days. There is a wide variety of color selections and sizes, and this bait is made from balsa wood and is very light, It can be tough to get distance-casting, so you must use light line: 6lb mono max. It is very durable bait and can last a long time if you don’t lose it to snags. I know this because I still have some from those teenage years and use them from time to time. This is a special lure to me and I have a ton of memories walking those streams catching smallmouth. ~ Guide Pete Cartwright 

Floating Minnow
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