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 These are very good looking rods brown finish with a nice gloss finish but let’s get to the main purpose performance. The 7 foot 4 inch Bronzeback is my go to rod for places that have big smallies on lakes or rivers. Casting soft plastics in river in fast current is where this rod shines if you have ever hooked a twenty inch plus smallie in fast current you know that you need heavy backbone to fight that fish. SpooIed 8 lb fluorocarbon line and you need that backbone. I use a Shimano Stradic 2500 and 4000 on this medium action rod. There are really no negatives to this rod light, comfortable, strong, and sleek. The price tag is reasonable at $265.00 for someone that is an avid fisher. I have been using this rod since 2008 and it has been very durable and reliable for catching plenty of big Smallies. Unfortunately, these rods are discontinued and can only be found on Ebay.

~ Wade Guide Pete Cartwright

Pete Cartwright
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