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Stella 2500FJ

Stella 2500FJ

The Shimano Stella is the best reel I have ever owned. I have been using this reel for about a year and a half and I have no issues at all. It's silky smooth every time I pick it up, which is important with me wading as much as I do. I need a tough reel that won’t corrode after falling in the water. I have also set this reel on the ground, and in the water with no adverse effects so far. I use the 2500 FJ model on the rivers and streams here in western Pennsylvania. I usually match the reel up with a Gloomis or Shimano medium action rod with a 6lb-8lb test line.

 This reel excels at controlling big smallmouth in fast water with its superior drag. I can feel confident landing a 5lb smallie in the river with it. When working a bait, you can feel the smoothness of the reel and feel everything through the handle. This is an expensive reel and not for a casual angler. This reel can and will improve your experience on the water. ~ Wade Guide Pete Cartwright

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