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The Sustain 3000FG is smooth and light for a 3000 model. The construction is a strong plastic and metal reel. I purchased this a few years ago and I have put this reel to the test, and it has held up well. I replaced a few parts after I dropped it and then it fell in the mud, and since I replaced those parts (which was very easy to do) it has been flawless. It comes with schematics in the box when you purchase the reel and there you can find part numbers for any part you need and order it on Shimano's website, which is just one of the features that makes this real great. As for performance, I use this real in bigger rivers for line capacity and for the bigger cranking handle to pull smallmouth out of very fast current. You will want this reel if you hook into a four plus pound small mouth in fast current so you can control the fish. This real is a little expensive coming in at over $300, but for durability, ease of use and easily replaceable parts make this real very good for targeting large river smallmouth.  ~Guide Pete Cartwright

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