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November on the Yough!

During Late October it can be great or not so bad. Fishing rivers can be very frustrating at this time of year leaves and water plants are flowing down the river at all levels of the water column. I like to use bottom bouncing soft plastics like the 412 Small Jaw Craw rigged on a 1/8 football head with and without a skirted jig. This puts vibration in the water from the craw so they can find it. Other options of course are Grubs and Tubes I also use 412ubes and the 412 Grub from 412 bait co any bottom bouncing bait should be good. Another tactic is to use a Ned Rig with a Tickler Z bait. Try this letting it just bounce along the bottom when it gets a little tough to catch Smallies. My set up is a 7’1 Glooms E6x and a Shimano Stradic CI4 2500 spooled with 8lb Gamma Edge.

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