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Lake St Clair Michigan Spring 2023

The weather wasn't great east winds started slow but picked up as our four day trip continued on top of that the rain came in with force on day three. Day four began with rain and fog we got on the water and it was trashed winds from the east made the water muddy. Day one was a great day we landed over 50 smallies few 5lbs plus around 10 walleye and a bunch of sheephead. We used tubes from Venom and 412 Bait Co. Day two was another great day again we landed over 50 smallies few more 5lbers. The last catch of the day was my biggest fish to date 44 years of fishing. I hooked into something that I couldn't move at first then it started to move I thought it might be a large sheephead until it jumped. Well it was a giant muskie. After about an 8 to 10 minute fight we were able to land it. The giant fish measured 50 inches what a fish. I landed the muskie on 8lb Gamma Edge it was some luck and some skill to get that fish in. The next day we got out early the rain came we got in about five hours until it was too much rain and wind we caught about 25. Day four was a complete waste it was blown out muddied up so we ended the trip.

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