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Late Winter Smallmouth Bass

Updated: Mar 2

Late winter is an exciting time to target big Smallmouth Bass as they come out of their winter holes to search for food. Look for flats and eddies along rivers and focus on shoreline banks. Don't forget to fish those winter holes as well, as the fish will move back and forth. Start with swimbaits and then switch to slower presentations like tubes, hair, and small plastics. It's a great time to catch some lunkers!

 You do not have to think deep all the time I have had some of my best days in the winter catching smallmouth in 4-6 feet of water. Deep holes on the Allegheny and Youghiogheny hold a large amount of Smallmouth in the winter so start near there and work off those deeper holes. Another good spot is big eddy’s in any pool in the river look at ones that get sun Mid-day and late day. When the water temeratures get into the 40's the bite will improve by a lot. When it is in the 30's fish as slow on the bottom as you can.

Target Locations

1)    Deep holes that get lots of sun

2)    The slowest water in a section of river current wise

3)    Bank eddies in higher water level and flow

4)    Areas where rock meet mud bottom

5)    Below Tributaries or in them during high water

6)    Wash out holes you can find these by looking for soft mud and debris.

7)    Below bottom release dams


  1. Tubes

  2. Small plastics (neds,etc)

  3. Swimbaits

  4. Hair Jigs

  5. Skirted Jigs (stained Water)

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